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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Welcome to Tea & Toast! An online gift shop created for YOU!

Hi, I'm Kiley, the lady behind Tea & Toast.

Welcome to my shop and the launch of my blog and website. Tea & Toast is an online gift shop that I created for anyone who enjoys the simple things in life...and of course, T E A!

Tea & Toast's signature gift boxes include the { Tea Party Box }, a gift box with everything you need for the perfect tea party and the { Tiny Tea Box } a box with enough loose leaf to make approximately 30 6 oz. cups of tea, artisan honey sticks from US beekeepers, and infused sugar cubes.

Soon, I'll be offering a monthly { Tea & Toast Subscription Box }, which contains tea from around the globe, artisan honey from US beekeepers, and a specialty baking mix for you to enjoy on your own time -- and hopefully with your tea!

These boxes are created to be given as gifts, however, they are also a wonderful way to treat yourself -- which is what I like to do! 😉

The concept behind Tea & Toast came to me a long time ago when I thought about all the things in life that made me really glad. I thought of them as my "tea and toast", similarly to how one would speak of their "bread and butter". But the difference between your tea and toast and your bread and butter, is that your bread & butter are the things that keep your daily routine good, ordinary and consistent -- but your tea & toast are the things that give you something greater to look forward in the small moments of your day or week. The things that make life more enjoyable and are just for fun.

MY Tea & Toast, what I enjoy looking forward to, is something delicious to drink, something sweet to eat, and spending a few moments to enjoy these things with someone who I deeply care about. If you can relate to this concept, then I'm sure we'll become fast friends.

Thank you for following along! ♥️

Tea ya later,


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