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Welcome to the Website

Hi, friends!

Thank you so much for being here.

Like seriously.😅

Since January, I've been using my free moments to put my vision together and build this business while also working a full-time job. Lemme tell ya, it has NOT been easy! There have been extremely early mornings, very late evenings, and sacrifices made to pursue my own 'thing' in the in-between.

There were countless days over the past few months where I felt like giving up; a lot of them may have even been more { at the time } convenient to do so. But I didn't stop! And here we are...

The Tea & Toast Website is L.I.V.E!

I am really excited for this next chapter in life and in business, and am grateful to everyone who has followed and supported this dream of mine so far.♥️

The #TeaPartyBox For One and For Two, and the #TinyTeaBox are all available for purchase in the shop as of today! Go check them out and let me know what you think.

Tea ya later,


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