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Blueberry Basil Tea Latte

-Our Blueberry Basil Tea Latte is made with white tea, fresh blueberries and lemon. This tea latte reminds us of summertime and makes us feel happy inside. We hope you love it as much as we do!


Size: 32 oz container | makes about 8-10 lattes.

This tea is herbal and caffeine-free.

Made with plant-based oat milk.


Free Local Pickup Options {choose one at checkout}:

Buie's Market on Fridays anytime after 10am

Cobblestone Farmer's Market on Saturdays between 8:30am-12noon



Do not purchase this product unless you intend to personally pick it up.

Shipping is not available for this product at this time.

Please be mindful of the "use by" date that is listed on the side of the bottle, as our products are not made with artifical preservatives and will expire.

Blueberry Basil Tea Latte

  • Tea and Toast's Iced Tea Lattes are fresh, made in small batches and ready to consume right away!  Whether unopened or sealed, be mindful and use by the "use by" date listed on the side of the bottle, and be sure to keep refrigerated at all times to ensure freshness.

  • Tea and Toast does not accept returns or refunds on this product.

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