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The Tea Party Box

For One includes:


~ unique tea cup
~ package premium loose leaf tea

~ artisan US honey sticks and handmade mini sugar cubes

~ small batch tea cookie baking mix

~ reuseable hand-embroidered cloth napkin


Inside the Tea Party Box, you'll find a card detailing how to set the tone for your tea party for one, including brewing instructions, music recommendations, and more.

Tea Party Box {For One}

Baking Mix Options
  • The Tea Party Box For One is curated with high-quality loose leaf tea from around the globe, artisan honey sourced from US beekeepers, handmade sugar cubes, a small batch tea cookie baking mix made with all-natural ingredients, a vintage tea cup, and a reusable napkin that is sewn and embroidered by hand.


    Please note:

    Tea & Toast is a US-based business, so we strive to support other local businesses in the US as frequently as possible.  Tea Party Boxes are one-of-a-kind, and frequently contain handmade or vintage tea cups.  Small imperfections and a bit of character in the cups are to be expected.