I'm Kiley, the gal behind Tea and Toast!


Tea and Toast is an online gift shop centered around premium loose leaf tea. All of our products are intended to help bring people together and create an experience, and our hope is that they are able to do just that for anyone who purchases one.


The concept behind Tea and Toast came to me years ago, and you can read all about it here on our blog, The Toast Post.

The Tea and Toast Shop is full of unique tea-related items, and you'll find anything from a variety of loose leaf tea blends to vintage and handmade teaware and one-of-a-kind tea party boxes. Our best-seller is the seasonal Tiny Tea Box, a variety of loose leaf tea, honey and sugar cubes -- a perfect buy for any recreational tea drinker.


The newest addition to shop is Tea and Toast's line of
Tea Elixirs & Botanical Syrups, which enables you to create a variety of craft tea cocktails at home with your liquor of choice!


You'll also find limited edition boxes, as well as Vintage Collection items like tea sets, individual pots and cups, and our signature hand-embroidered tea napkins sets.

Everything sold in our online shop is curated with intention, crafted with care and packaged with love in the city of

Winston-Salem, North Carolina.​

One of the reasons I started Tea and Toast is because I believe that tea parties, afternoon tea time, or serving tea at the end of a meal have become a forgotten part of regular life, and I feel passionate about bringing this practice back into everyday living. 

This is also why I launched my Tea & Mocktail Bar in 2020 -- to bring the loose leaf tea experience to you!

I started this business in 2018 with the hopes of bringing back a simple, modernized version of one the most important things to do on a regular basis, which is to take time to slow down from our busier-than-ever lives to relax and enjoy the simple things and important people that surround us.  I think tea is a great way to do just this!


Home is where the heart is, and Tea and Toast boxes are made to help make yours all the sweeter. Thank you for being here!

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