In the Tiny Tea Box, you'll receive a box filled with an assortment of { 4 } seasonal loose leaf tea blends, US honey sticks and miniature sugar cubes.


Summer 2020 Blends:

-Chamomile Comfort Herbal Tea Blend

-Passionfruit Calypso Green Tea

-Asian Pear White Tea

-Peaches & Cream Black Tea


We also include an easy-to-navigate brewing guide and non-toxic tea filters in each box. This box contains enough loose leaf for approximately 12 8 oz. cups of brewed tea. The Tiny Tea Box is a unique gift and an exciting way to try different loose leaf blends from around the globe!

Summer Tiny Tea Box

  • Each Tiny Tea Box Includes:

    ~ a variety of loose leaf tea from around the globe

    ~ US honey sticks and handmade mini sugar cubes

    Please note:  If you have any allergy-related quesitons or concerns, please contact us before placing your order:  Thank you! 


  • Please Note:

    All tea boxes are non-returnable.

    If there are any issues with your box, please contact:




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