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Sharing Some Positivi-Tea

Happy Friday, you guys! First of all, how is everyone doing?

I'm gonna be honest, I've definitely had better days haha. Haven't we all?! Though a lot of things around me have changed, I am still going, trying to be slow but intentional with my days and most of all, feeling excited and hopeful for the better ones that are yet to come. ♥️

In a nutshell, what an impactful time to be alive right? I was reminded the other day that we are living through something that will go down in HISTORY. What a thought. We will tell our children and grandchildren about this globally-felt experience. My hope is that I can tell mine that I grew from this experience; maybe even that we all grew together as a world.

I have big dreams, but what can I say? I'm an optimist. 💁🏼

Even in these times, there are ways to take comfort and courage and sometimes, we need to be reminded of those! For me, I've found comfort in knowing that as a human race we are going through all of this together. I think that is actually really cool in a way. It is this opportunity we have been given to connect with each other and relate to one another, and though we may be different in possibly every other way in life, we have this thing that now relates us, even to our worst enemies perhaps. And in this deep way, as we all globally experience the impact that COVID-19 is having on our neighbors down the street and across the world, I think it is powerful that we have all been brought together by something, despite what it is. Sometimes it takes something of this scale to shake us up, bring us together, and remind us of all the wonderful things we have to be grateful for in our lives.

Anyways {sorry if I'm rambling y'all, I've had a large pot of black tea this morning} it has got me into thinking, even though much of what is going on around us can lead to discouragement within us, there are also a lot of things that can lead to encouragement, and those are the things that will make the biggest of differences for us all.

Despite everything that is happening in the world, I am trying to stay upbeat each day and find ways to help motivate myself, and along the way I wanted to share some positive ideas of how to spend your time while you're #SocialDistancing or #Quarantining at home right now. I am going to try all of these along with you! I included this list in my Quaran-Tea Kit, and thought I'd go ahead and share them with you all here as well.

Here we go!

1. Begin Each Day Without Your Phone

This one is very helpful for me, personally. Cutting back on the time I spend on screens is very refreshing! It is especially in the mornings when I notice a huge difference. Who needs to wake up to the news and everything negative that's being talked about? Instead, let's start our days on a better note. I try to substitute the morning time I'd usually spend scrolling on my phone with something positive and uplifting to help me get ready for the day. When I don't get on my phone straight away in the morning, my mind feels clear & fresh!

2. Read That Book You Started But Never Finished

I am so guilty here. I start so many books, read them halfway through, and then take a break from them and I don't understand why I do this. So this is a big goal of mine for the next couple weeks!

Reading has always been a great way to use your imagination in ways that you may not usually in typical day. I find that it's a great way to keep my mind busy during stressful times for a few moments, and once I've become invested in a book, it gives me something to look forward to throughout the day or week.

3. Find a New Hobby or Rediscover an Old One

Get creative! Try your hand at a new instrument, bake something fun, rediscover the joy of creating art, or learn that cool handshake from The Parent Trap {or maybe not haha}.

Honestly though, the possibilities are endless! One of my friends just told me she learned how to hand-embroider and crochet, and that it is something she finds super relaxing. Hmm...I can see why our grandmothers did all those things now, can't you? 😉

And why shouldn't we try them now, ya know?

4. Go Foraging in Your Backyard

I'm gonna be honest: I have yet to try this one during my social distancing hiatus, BUT. I used to do this all the time when I was younger! I would take a walk outside or into the woods behind my parent's house and find interesting things along the way. I would collect large sticks, interesting rocks or unique looking leaves and display them around my room {remember how weird you thought I was, Mom?}

And this is an idea; you could even take your camera and capture pictures of the little things you find if you don't want to take them home with you. It's Spring after all, there are so many beautiful things surrounding us -- take advantage of that!

5. Spend Time With Loved Ones {Even From a Distance!}

I know that right now may be difficult to physically spend time with your friends and family, however, we live in the world of technology and FaceTime has been a lifesaver for me lately. And if you are cooped up in the house with your loved ones, get past the "I'm sick of you" phase if possible and make yourself spend time doing the important stuff with your people.

Whether you live in the same house or live hundreds of miles apart, now is the time to reach out across the room or over the phone to spend undivided quality time with the people who matter most.

6. Treat Yo'self

Everybody needs some rest and time to take care of themselves, and now is a better time than ever. Enjoy a bubble bath, indulge in some reasonable retail therapy {support a local business online!} or treat yo'self to your favorite dessert at home {my fav}.

Which leads me to my next idea...

7. Create Something in The Kitchen

Pick an old favorite, or try a new recipe! Test out something you'd never thought to make. Or bake or cook something that you already love and have fun with it. Being in the kitchen can be therapeutic and good for the soul. Not to mention, delicious! One of my friends has been experimenting with bread-making, and I wish I had the patience to make that happen in my own home. 😅 My mom used to bake fresh bread all the time for us as kids and it was just about the best thing in the world -- I have so much appreciation for that process as an adult.

8. Write Letters to a Friend

Find a new pen pal, write to a loved one who lives far away, or even personally journal the happenings of the day during your down time. These are great habits to start! Writing with someone else's interests in mind can provide to you new perspectives, and documenting the simple things can be more important than you realize in the moment.

An artist who I follow on Instagram posted a while ago about how she was watercoloring Bible verses in her journal, and I thought to myself: GOALS. That is so inspiring and beautiful, and I'm absolutely going to try it soon.

9. Practice Gratefulness

Sometimes when we're so busy, we forget about all the good things we have in our lives. Take your slow moments at home to think about {or write down a list!} of all the things you're grateful for. Hang it up in your home somewhere you'll see it every day. This is a simple way to lighten your mood and brighten your day! Something to help me get started is, for example: thinking about my kitchen. I'm grateful for the food in my fridge, the lovely dishes that have been thoughtfully gifted to me, and the people who I get to enjoy meals with. Then I move onto: I'm glad we can eat outside this time of year, and that we have a home to enjoy together. I'm grateful for a God who gave it all to us even though we are crappy people and don't deserve nice things sometimes. ETC, ETC. It just goes on from there!

I have noticed that when I practice gratefulness, my whole attitude towards life changes and I feel so much lighter. It's a great way to lift your spirits, especially during everything that's happening around us right now.

10. Drink Tea, Of Course!

My last positive suggestion! You probably saw this coming: make yourself a cup of tea.

If you're at home with a loved one, make a cup for them, too. Then enjoy the simple things together and try to laugh a lot. Tea is delicious, good for you, and a relaxing activity no matter the time of day. Plus sharing is caring, duh.

...I know it was a long post today, but it's been a while and I really just wanted to share some positive words with you all, especially right now! I hope you enjoyed reading and are staying safe out there. I miss you all! We'll get through this together -- I can't wait.

♥️, Kiley

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