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The Winter Tea Collection is Here!

Hello, friends! By now you likely are aware that each season Tea and Toast releases four {and sometimes up to eight!} NEW loose leaf tea blends, and the 2023 winter season's tea collection is one we are so thrilled to share with you all. Here is some information we'd like to share about the new flavors.

If you've made it to our set up at Cobblestone Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, then you may have already been introduced to some of these new blends! But if not, fret not, because this post is going to give you all the information you need about these special teas, here just for the winter season.



The Cranberry Rose Black Tea you've enjoyed from Tea and Toast in seasons past is finally back! This time with an upgrade. We've sprinkled in delicious peach pieces {dried in the late summer months of 2022} and both pink and red rose petals, which gently aid in uplifting this wintery blend. Enjoy after a short steep as is, or add a spoonful of sugar or local honey for a delicious morning cuppa.



Our Citrus Earl of White is a delicate medley of white peony tea and zingy citrus peel, with grounded floral notes from marigolds and little hints of sweetness from bergamot and pineapple. Far different than an Earl Grey black tea blend, our Citrus Earl of White is a subtle combination of flavors that leaves you feeling lighter, and it's caffeine content is lower. Enjoy warm, sweetened with a spoonful of sugar or honey to enhance the natural layers of this white tea.



Our green tea this season is our Mango Genmaicha! This intriguing loose leaf is a fun combination of high quality green tea, toasted brown rice {yes, just try it - we promise that it works!} fruity mango and lemongrass. We love the balance of toasty, grassy notes from the tea and rice accompained by the fruitiness of mango and zingy-ness of lemongrass contained within this seemingly simple blend. Don't steep too long or this tea will become bitter. Enjoy warm or iced for a pleasing cuppa. We like to very lightly sweeten our Mango Genmaicha but you can also enjoy as is.



A rendition on a limited edition tea from our past, we'd like to introduce our Lemon Citron Herbal! This fruity and bright tisane is perfect for winter and spring. We added some apricot, mango and lemon to an earthy green rooibos base to create a smooth tea that still boasts much flavor. Give a cloudy winter's day some zing and pep with our Lemon Citron Herbal, or save some in the fridge for a sunny afternoon while on a walk around the neighborhood. Sweet or unsweet, hot or iced, this tea is simply delightful!

These teas were created to bring light to the dark, chilly days of winter and are truly nourishing, bright, and uplifting! Steeping instructions and specific water temperature recommendations can be found in our online shop underneath each tea in the description, as well as listed on the back of the bags themselves.

We hope you'll be able to try out these four limited edition blends very soon! They will be served on rotation by the cup under our bright orange tent at Cobblestone Farmers Market {located at 1007 S. Marshall Street in Winston-Salem, North Carolina} on Saturday mornings over the next several weeks. Remember, Cobblestone's winter market hours are 10am-12noon. See you there!


Kiley from Tea and Toast

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