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Let Freedom Ring and The Kombucha Flow

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

JUL. 01: { This Month's Tea & Toast } is a refreshing Kombucha cocktail & a tasty sandwich to go with it.

Wondermelon Elixer made with GT's Kombucha

Whether you know me or not, it’s easy to see that I’m basically addicted to Kombucha. By now, most of you are likely aware of the Kombucha craze that is currently going on in the US, but IF for some reason you aren’t sure of what exactly Kombucha is — here we go!

Kombucha is { surprise! } fermented TEA, mixed with fruit, sugar, and a living yeast bacteria called “Scoby”, which is also referred to as “The Mother”.

With their powers combined, the Scoby essentially eats the sugars and expands in size, fermenting the tea.  This is where Kombucha receives many of the health benefits that you may have heard about.  It has detoxifying properties due to the antioxidants, and is health-improving to your digestive tract from the probiotics.  

The ancient Chinese actually called Kombucha, “The Tea of Immortality” because of all the health benefits they witnessed from it.

And as far as the taste of Kombucha…well, it’s just something you need to try for yourself. Personally, I am a huge fan and advocate, and usually indulge a Kombucha a few times a week.  I enjoy how it tastes, but also the way my body feels post consumption.  It’s not for everyone, but if you’ve never had it, go for it and see what you think!

Moving right along...

One of my absolute favorite things to use Kombucha for, is a cocktail mixer!  It is a refreshing addition to a myriad of concoctions, and wouldn't you know it can't be a bad idea to add some health benefits to your poison. ;-) So here is the most recent one I’ve made this summer with a dear friend, and what I now pair with it -- one of my absolute FAVORITE sandwiches of all time. It's so good, it may just change your life. We'll see.

This Week's { TEA }...

Wondermelon Elixir { 1 serving }


1.5 oz Aviation gin { or gin of choice }

1 freshly squeezed lime

1 oz simple syrup or mild honey

A few fresh basil leaves { reserve 1 for garnishing }

At least one 1 oz GT’s Watermelon Wonder Kombucha { enough to fill to the brim }

1. Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice cubes.  Pour in the gin, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, some freshly spanked basil leaves, and shake until your heart’s content { or about 15 seconds }.

2. Carefully strain into a cocktail glass — you can use a rocks glass filled with fresh ice, or, a coupe or martini glass w/o ice — and then top with the Kombucha.  

3. Garnish with the reserved fresh basil leaf.

The nice thing about this beverage, is that it can be multiplied and made in batches — so it is a winner for a late afternoon soirée on your porch in the heat of the summer.

This Week’s { TOAST }...

Griddled Havarti Cheese:


2 slices of hearty sourdough bread

2-3 slices creamy Havarti cheese

1 - 1 1/2 teaspoons Trader Joe’s Pesto

Quarter of a red bell pepper

1 teaspoon softened butter

1. Thinly slice the red bell pepper into strips, removing the seeds.  Lay the strips out on a baking sheet and bake in a preheated oven at 400 degrees, flipping once, until they have become soft and have a slight char on them (5-7 mins).

2. Slather the sourdough in butter on both sides, and begin lightly browning only one side of the slices in a pan on medium heat.  Once light golden, remove from the pan.  

3. On a cutting board, spread the pesto on the golden sides of the bread, then lay the Havarti cheese and bell pepper strips evenly on one side.  Close the sandwich, and place it in pan on medium once more, letting each buttered side become a deeper golden brown to your liking.  

4. Once each side is finished and the cheese has melted, remove from the pan, carefully slice in half.

This Griddled Havarti Cheese sandwich is my #1 go-to pairing with the Wondermelon Elixir. Sometimes, I serve it with a side of baby arugula tossed in coarse salt, pepper, and olive oil { just a thought! } . I didn't have time to take pictures because I was so hungry, but the next time I make it I'll be sure to add pictures to this post!

I hope you enjoy this month’s Tea & Toast as much as I do! Have a lovely holiday.

Tea ya later,


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