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Tips for Creating a 21st Century Tea Party

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Hi, friends! 👋🏻

If you've been following along with me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I love tea, food, and of course...tea parties. Let me be clear though, not just any TEA PARTY -- but one that is created in a stress-free environment and is fun for me!

If you're a tea snob, I'm sorry { not sorry } for the contents of this post, because I am a very non-traditional tea partier. And I love it, because I believe it is how tea parties should be had these days.

Here are a few tips that I live by when hosting a tea party in the 21st century, and I hope that they inspire you to take time to create and do something that you love in your home!

1. { Have Fun }

First of all, have lots of fun with your tea party! If you're not having a good time, then what's the point, ya know? Tea parties should be about enjoying yourself and just taking time to share something with good company, rather than about having a textbook "perfect" tea time. So throw out most of the old ideas you have about tea parties, and start anew! And of course, with things that you actually like. After all, it's 2019! Get creative. Mix & match your cups, saucers and tea pots and use a combination of old and new. For example, I love using vintage table runners and other family heirlooms gifted to me by my grandma, but then also a modern tea cup from IKEA and an old teapot from a yard sale. Your tea set doesn't have to match just so, and things don't HAVE to be "perfect". And that's what makes it fun.

2. { Set The Tone }

Get comfortable! Open up the curtains for some warm sunlight, put on some lovely music, and just relax. Dance around your kitchen as you heat up the water,

3. { Always Have a Baked Treat }

I'm sure it is no secret that a tea party cannot succeed entirely without something to eat! This is precisely why I include a baking mix in the { Tea Party Box }. I prefer something sweet with my tea, however, something savory will do just nicely as well! Baked treats that are not too dry are what to go to.

4. { Invite Human AND Plant Friends }

When I have a tea party, I not only invite real people, but also a plant friend or two! My tip is always include some plant life on the table. I'm telling you right now, a tea party for one, two, four, or however many, is never complete without the additional of some green in your life. I have dozens of plant babies in my home, and at each tea party, try to rotate with who I invite { don't want to make anyone jealous 😉 }. Because you'll love it. Plus, plants are the best secret keepers -- so say you're having tea for one, now you have an absolute perfect listener to tell all the juicy gossip to without fear. Long story short, you'll thank me for this one.

5. { Take Pretty Pictures -- then put your phone away! }

We all know that just about everything we do these days needs to be documented with a picture on our phones or it "didn't happen". Haha, I'm guilty as hell of it myself!

But just listen. Prepare for your party, enjoy how nice it looks and be proud of yourself, take a couple of pretty pictures...and then put your phone away for the rest of the tea party. I even keep my phone in the other room and just focus on reading a book, listening to music or the birds outside, or enjoying the friend in front of me. Nowadays it can be difficult to get time away from our phones, but I believe that a tea party is just the thing that can help us take a little break from our online communities and just focus on the stuff that is happening in front of you, here and now. It may be just what you need!

I hope you enjoyed reading about how I like to plan my 21st century tea parties. Let's talk about it in the comments below!

Tea ya later,


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