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To Create an Experience

Hey there! It's been a little while since my last post...but hey! I've been busy! 😅

Since Tea & Toast's launch a little over a month ago, many kind people have asked how I came up with the "idea". This post is going to { hopefully } help to explain a little more on the ~how~ and the ~why~ behind my business!

Tea & Toast is something that I know started inside of me to begin with, and I didn't even realize it was there until earlier this year. It was actually part of this phrase that I held onto back in middle school -- "tea and toast and friends" -- a phrase that kind of became my middle school and high school motto. Ya I know, if I seemed dorky it is probably because I definitely was a bit of a dork, so... 👋🏻

Anyways, this whole business can be linked back to my childhood years, where I vividly remember a tiny colorful tea set that my sisters and I used to often play with. We'd mix & match the cups and saucers and pretend that water and juice were tea. As I got older my friends and I would frequently get together and have tea parties. It was this experience that got us away from the rest of the world to a place where we could just laugh and have fun together. After I had gotten my driver's license my two best friends and I ventured all across town and actually set one up in a field, another in a park, then another tea party in a river.

If you don't believe me, here's a picture.

And that's just to name a few! My surprise bachelorette party was thrown at a tea room, I had my favorite tea the morning of my wedding before even beginning the day and now over the years my husband has patiently kept up with lots of tea times and chit-chat with girlfriends, even buying me new pieces to add to my collection over the years and taking me into stores to shop for all things tea. All this to say...tea is special to me, and not because of what it physically is, but because of the people it brings together and the experience that is creates. Through the years and no matter where I've lived or what's been going on, there's always been Tea & Toast and of course, friends.

I'm not sure if this completely answers how I "came up" with the idea behind my business, but I do hope it helps. All I know is that I am passionate about creating things that are meant to be shared. Today to share an experience is more of a gift than ever, and one I can only hope to help you create in your own home, park, or even river through Tea & Toast. 😉

Tea ya later,

♥️, Kiley

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